Midsummer Moon by Laura Kinsale (audiobook) – Narrated by Nicholas Boulton


When a powerful, decisive aristocrat undertakes to protect an absent-minded young inventress from England’s enemies, he finds his orderly world turned into chaos. Merlin Lambourne’s stubborn dream of flight puts her at risk, not to mention driving Ransom crazy. In spite of himself, he’s oddly enchanted by this muddled miss and her eccentric ways… but can he overcome his own fears and realize her invention may be the answer to saving both their lives?

A whimsical Regency-era tale of flying machines, fancy, and love among the hedgehogs.

Laura Kinsale personally chose the exceptional talent of Nicholas Boulton to narrate Midsummer Moon as a fully voiced audiobook, creating a unique work that brings all the life and color of the original to audio

Rating: A

I’m utterly delighted to have joined the team of guest reviewers at AudioGals. This is my first review for them – and what a fantastic way to start!

When I heard that Laura Kinsale planned to release her books in audio format, I was, well, to say excited is probably the understatement of the year. I’ve followed her progress via her interviews here and feel very privileged, as one of the newest reviewers at AudioGals, to have been given an advance copy of one of the first batch of titles for review.

I have to confess that I haven’t read Midsummer Moon, but knowing I was going to be listening to it, I read a few synopses and a mixture of reviews and quickly realized that it’s a book that seems to divide opinion. I can certainly understand now why that is the case – the idea of Merlin inventing prototypes of both the telegraph and aeroplane does rather stretch credulity and Ransom can come across as dictatorial and somewhat unsympathetic at times. But as sometimes happens with audiobooks, that which may come across as implausible or unpleasant on the page, can be transformed by an intelligent, engaging performance and a new light shed on a character or characters’ motivations and actions.

And that is most certainly the case in Midsummer Moon, thanks to the superb vocal talents of Nicholas Boulton, who is quite simply one of the best narrators it has been my good fortune to hear.

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