The Bridegroom Wore Plaid by Grace Burrowes (audiobook) – Narrated by Roger Hampton


Ian MacGregor is wooing a woman who’s wrong for him in every way. As the new Earl of Balfour, though, he must marry an English heiress to repair the family fortunes.But in his intended’s penniless chaperone, Augusta, Ian is finding everything he’s ever wanted in a wife.

Rating: Story A-; Narration B-

The Bridegroom Wore Plaid was one of my favourite books of last year, so I was delighted when I discovered there were plans to release it in audio format. I’m a big fan of Grace Burrowes’ writing in general; I’ve enjoyed all her books I’ve read so far and stand in awe of the way she can make the emotion just leap off the page. She’s become one of my go-to authors for when I want a romance with a good dollop of angst on the way to the HEA.

Roger Hampton isn’t a narrator with whom I’m familiar, but a quick look through Audible reveals he’s narrated a number of titles with the word “Highland” in the title – which immediately told me that there was a good chance he’d be a dab hand with a Scottish accent. 😉

The story centres around the MacGregor family, and their struggles to make ends meet on their highland estate. Ian MacGregor is the eldest, and due to the disappearance of his older brother some seven years earlier, is about to be declared the Earl of Balfour – a title he doesn’t really want. But he’s not a man to sidestep his responsibilities and prepares to accept the inevitable. His family consists of his brothers Gil and Connor, his widowed sister Mary Frances, and her daughter Flora. Ian might be an earl-to-be, but the family is poor and needs to open the estate to guests every year in order to make enough money to see them through the year. Queen Victoria’s love of all things Scottish and the fact that her estate at Balmoral borders MacGregor lands means that they have no trouble attracting wealthy clients during the summer months, but this year’s visitors are different. Ian needs to marry money, and his guests are to include his prospective bride Eugenia (known as Genie) Daniels. The novel opens with Ian and his brothers meeting Genie and her party from the train and escorting them home.

The rest of the audio review can be found here at AudioGals.


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