The Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

christmas-banner… or so the song tells us, and it’s certainly a wonderful time for the romance reader as there are always a slew of new books and novellas published which are set around Christmastime, plus lots of wonderful older titles that it’s fun to revisit at this time of year.

I admit that I’m not normally someone prone to seeing out seasonal reads. If I want to read a book set around Christmas and it happens to be December, then I’ll read it – but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t read it in June if I wanted to!

I have a few seasonal titles in my sights, though, books I’d like to read in the next couple of weeks. They’re all older titles – Mary Balogh’s A Christmas Bride is one, as is Grace Burrowes’ Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish (amazingly, a Grace Burrowes title I haven’t read yet!). I’ve also got an anthology of stories by Carla Kelly I’d like to get to… we’ll see.

But before I get to those, I thought I’d put together a list of the reviews I’ve written for the Christmassy books I have read, just to give you some ideas if you’re looking for something seasonal to read and can’t make up your mind.

csThe Christmas Spirit by Elisabeth Fairchild. Hands down this is one of the most beautiful romances I’ve ever read, even though it’s not a conventional “boy-meets-girl” type of romance. If you haven’t read it, then nab a copy NOW – you’re missing out on a real treat.

ACPA Christmas Promise by Mary Balogh. I absolutely adored this wonderful story of an arranged marriage which seems doomed to disaster – but in which love and the spirit of Christmas and family are ultimately triumphant.

mcwMarian’s Christmas Wish by Carla Kelly. I’m not normally a fan of very young heroines, but Ms Kelly makes it work so beautifully here.

Lady-Jennys-Christmas-Wish-CoverA title published this year, Lady Jenny’s Christmas Portrait is the final book in Grace Burrowes’ Windham series. It’s a beautifully written character-driven romance in which most of the Windham’s make an appearance for the festive season.

cmChristmas Mischief is a set of three regency novellas by Mary Jo Putney that I read and enjoyed last year. I think the first story The Christmas Cuckoo is the strongest of the three – I believe it’s now available singly for well under £1 at Amazon – a real bargain! – although all the stories are well worth reading.

whcWhat Happens at Christmas by Victoria Alexander is warm and full of humour, even though the story could probably have been set at any time of the year. Still, I suppose the Christmas setting does provide a very good reason for the heroine’s ruse.

I know there are loads more out there – these are just those I’ve read and enjoyed. If you’ve got a favourite and think I’m missing out, please let me know in the comments.


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