The Highlander’s Sin by Eliza Knight (audiobook) – narrated by Corrie James


He stole her away… But she set him free… They called him The Priest. Maybe because of his billowing black robes and the steel crucifix that hung around his neck. Or perhaps it was because those who met him were compelled to pray. But Duncan Mackay was anything but a saint. He was a sinner-a paid mercenary. Until he met her, and she made him want to change his ways.
Lady Heather Sutherland, has never been compelled to follow rules. And this time, she’s gone too far. Following in the footsteps of her brothers and cousins, she chooses to join the fight for Scottish freedom-and gets herself abducted by a handsome, rogue warrior, whose touch is sweet sin. Duncan’s duty was clear-steal Heather away from Dunrobin Castle. What he didn’t expect, was to be charmed by her spirit and rocked by her fiery kiss. Now, he doesn’t want deliver her to those who hired him, instead he wants to keep her all to himself.

Rating: D for content, B+ for narration

I’m not a great reader of or listener to romances set in medieval Scotland and, in fact, I chose this audio because I enjoy listening to this particular narrator rather than on the strength of the story or setting. I don’t really know why such stories don’t appeal to me, although I can say that the few I have read or listened to have seemed terribly formulaic, even more so than my usual diet of 19th century historicals with their balls, musicales, and dangerously dark dukes. I know I’m generalising, but I’ve formed the impression that the stories are basically about big, brawny Scotsmen, oh-so-feisty, (and frequently flame-haired) heroines who are often TSTL; they usually come from clans who have hated each other’s guts for centuries and have to overcome their own preconceptions and prejudices, and then those of their clansmen in order to get their HEA.

When I write reviews, I don’t normally include the publisher’s synopsis, instead preferring to give my own take on what happens in the story – and what I’ve written above is pretty much what happens in The Highlander’s Sin, with a couple of minor variations. The hero, Duncan Mackay, is a kind of warrior-priest (but not really because it turns out he hasn’t taken his final vows) who has spent the last twenty years making his living as a mercenary while living with the guilt he cannot shed over the fact that he feels responsible for the slaughter of his clan when he was little more than a child.

Our heroine is –naturally – a member of the very clan that killed Duncan’s family, so when he is given the job of kidnapping her and delivering her into the evil clutches of the slightly deranged Lady Ross, he jumps at the chance. He discovers Lady Heather Sutherland at her prayers, although she is planning to run away from her family to join William Wallace, who she thinks, has lost focus and needs a good talking to. Because, clearly, a seasoned, battle-hardened warrior is going to get up off his arse and find some Englishmen to fight on the say so of a twenty-something slip of a girl.

You can read the rest of this review at AudioGals.


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