Devil’s Match by Anita Mills (audiobook) – narrated by Rosalind Ashford

Devils match

Patrick Danvers, the Viscount Westover, was known by another name among the people of society: Devil Danvers. No young lady dared to be seen in public with this man whose startling good looks were overshadowed by his scandalous escapades.

Caroline Ashley was a very respectable young lady, but with no one to protect her and no money to call her own. How could she resist Devil Danvers’ offer to be the wife he needed to win a wager and claim a fortune that hung on his producing an heir?

And so the battle begins between the dazzling lord who has every means to make a young lady say yes to his every desire, and the young lady determined not to surrender her pride, no matter the cost.

Rating: C+ for narration; C for content

In Devil’s Match, Patrick Danvers, newly-minted Viscount Westover, is in a bit of a bind. The black sheep of the family, his exploits on the duelling field have earned him the nickname ‘Devil’ Danvers, and his reputation is so black as to send any right-minded, gently-bred female running in the opposite direction lest being seen in his company irrevocably ruins her reputation. But under the terms of his late uncle’s will, he must marry a respectable woman and produce an heir within a twelvemonth if he is to inherit the bulk of the lands and fortune that accompany his title.

Patrick’s cousin Judith is the one family member who does not shun him, and it’s she who comes up with (she thinks) the perfect solution to his problem. Her companion, Caroline Ashford, will soon be leaving and because Judith’s mother dislikes her, she will have no recommendation, no prospects and nowhere to go. Caroline is attractive, intelligent and well-bred, so why doesn’t Patrick marry her and kill two birds with one stone, so to speak?

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