2014 Challenge Round-Up

The beginning of the year is a time for looking forward, but I also like to look back over what I managed to read and listen to over the year. I’ll get a “best of” post up at some point, although I’ve already got such things appearing at All About Romance, Romantic Historical Reviews and AudioGals, so by the time I get around to writing one here, it’ll be a bit repetitive – but what the hell!

This isn’t that post however, it’s my look back at the reading challenges I did last year, and this time, I’m pleased to say I managed to finish all of them. I entered three challenges last year (not counting the general Goodreads one, which shows that I managed to read and listen to 230 books and audiobooks in 2014) – The Multi-Blog TBR Challenge hosted by Wendy the Superlibrarian, the Mount TBR one at Goodreads and the Back to School/Days of the Week one at All About Romance.

I put up a Challenges post at the beginning of 2014 which I’ve kept more or less up-to-date, but here, for completeness is my final round-up.

Multi-Blog TBR Challenge

Days of the Week Challenge at AAR

Mount TBR Challenge at Goodreads

(Most of these counted towards one of the other challenges as well).

Considering the number of review commitments I have, I don’t think I did too badly. I’m working out which challenges to do for 2015 right now and will put up a post when I’ve decided. These things are sadly addictive!


2 thoughts on “2014 Challenge Round-Up

    1. Yeah, not too shabby! I do find that reviewing so much means I read less of my own stuff – that’s not a complaint, but challenges like this make me go to my own TBR pile once in a while which is why I like them.

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