His Lordship’s Pleasure by M.C Beaton (audiobook) – Narrated by Lindy Nettleton

hislordships pleasure

Annabelle Carruthers can only dream of being kissed by a man as dashing as Lord Darkwood. She remains locked in misery married to a rakish drunk who gambles their lives into financial and social ruin.

His sudden death and rumors of spies and treachery only make matters worse. Burdened with gambling debts, Annabelle fears she is on her way to the poorhouse. The only solution she can see is to offer herself up as mistress to the mysterious Lord Darkwood!

Darkwood, however, is too much of a gentleman to take advantage of a lady such as Annabelle. Still, he is quite interested in rumors of her husband s espionage a curiosity that will soon place them both in grave danger.

Rating: B- for narration, C- for content

Originally published in 1991, His Lordship’s Pleasure is the second book in a trilogy which tackles an issue I suspect wasn’t often featured in Regency Romances back then – that of wives who were not only unhappily married, but whose husbands were cruel, violent and neglectful.

The three heroines are friends, so the books are loosely connected. In this one, Mrs Annabelle Carruthers is married to Guy, an habitual drunkard and gambler. They are deeply in debt and Annabelle’s only consolation is that they are now so short of funds that her husband can no longer afford to gamble with his peers for large sums of money and has to stick to gaming with the lower orders for lesser stakes.

You can read the rest of this review at AudioGals.


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