Deadly Engagement by Lucinda Brant (audiobook) – narrated by Alex Wyndham

deadly engagement

Spring 1763. Career diplomat Alec Halsey returns to London to the shocking news his estranged brother, the Earl of Delvin, has not only killed his friend in a duel but is engaged to the woman Alec hoped to marry. The dead man’s mother wants Alec to investigate, so he reluctantly attends a weekend house party celebrating the engagement. Houseguests get more than they bargained for when a lady’s maid is murdered, the bride-to-be is attacked, and a guest is shot dead. Uncovering a connection between these sinister acts and his brother’s duel, Alec confronts a cruel twist of fate and why his brother will go to any lengths to ruin him in Polite Society.

Rating: A- for narration; B+ for content

It took me no more than five minutes of listening to this to know that in Alex Wyndham, Lucinda Brant had found the perfect narrator for her story. I saw a recent entry on her Facebook page that said she was very excited at having engaged him to narrate this, the first of her Alec Halsey series of mysteries set in Georgian England – and having heard him, I can now understand why.

Mr Wyndham is a well-known face on television, having appeared in such series as the BBC’s recent adaptation of Little Dorrit, and HBO’s Rome. He has a number of audiobooks to his credit already, but Deadly Engagement appears to be his first foray into the world of historical fiction and romance, and on the strength of it, I can only hope that he’ll be narrating more in the genre. (I understand from the author that he’s already working on the second book in this series).

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