Soulbound (Darkest London #6) by Kristen Callihan (AUDIOBOOK) – narrated by Moira Quirk

soulbound audio

Once two souls are joined…

When Adam’s soul mate rejected him, there was more at stake than his heart. After 700 years of searching, his true match would have ended the curse that keeps his spirit in chains. But beautiful, stubborn Eliza May fled―and now Adam is doomed to an eternity of anguish, his only hope for salvation gone…

Their hearts will beat together forever.

No matter how devilishly irresistible Adam was, Eliza couldn’t stand the thought of relinquishing her freedom forever. So she escaped. But she soon discovers she is being hunted by someone far more dangerous. The only man who can help is the one she vowed never to see again. Now Adam’s kindness is an unexpected refuge, and Eliza finds that some vows are made to be broken.

Rating: A for narration; A- for content

Paranormal romances aren’t my usual cup of tea, but having seen so many good reviews of the first book in this series (Firelight), I listened to the audiobook last year and both story and narration were so completely engaging that I was thoroughly pulled in to the author’s world of Darkest London and eager for more.

I’ve since read the next two books, and although I’m not completely caught up with the series, when the opportunity came to review Soulbound, I couldn’t pass it up. It helped to know that, although the books are all connected, they all work well as standalones, so even though I’ve yet to read or listen to Evernight (the previous book), I was sure I wouldn’t have too much trouble following the story.

You can read the rest of this review at AudioGals.


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