The Bedding Proposal by Tracy Anne Warren (audiobook) – Narrated by Barrie Kreinik

bedding proposal

Lord Leo Byron is bored with the aristocratic company he keeps; he needs a distraction, preferably in the form of a beautiful new female companion. So when he sets eyes on fascinating and scandalous divorcée Lady Thalia Lennox, he’s determined to make her intimate acquaintance. But the spirited woman seems to have no intention of accepting his advances no matter how much he chases—or how hard he falls….

Once a darling of Society, Thalia Lennox now lives on its fringes. The cruel lies that gave her a notoriously wild reputation have also left her with a broken heart and led to a solemn vow to swear off men. Still, Leo Byron’s bold overtures are deliciously tempting, and, for the first time, she finds herself wondering whether it just might be worth the risk to let the attractive rake into her life—and her bed….

Rating: B+ for narration; A- for content

The Bedding Proposal boasts a somewhat darker storyline than is found in many historical romances, and certainly possesses a depth which one might not expect on reading the synopsis, which tells us this is the story of a rakish young man who becomes enamoured of a scandalous older woman and doggedly pursues her. That is part of the storyline, it’s true, but it is quickly apparent to the listener that the older woman is not what she is reputed to be, and there is more to the hero than the façade he presents to the world of the devil-may-care rogue.

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