The Westerby Sisters by Marion Chesney (audiobook) – Narrated by Kate Reading

the westerby sisters audio

Lady Betty has no interest in the duke of Collingham. She does></n't care that he's fabulously wealthy or devastatingly handsome or impeccably well dressed. All she sees is an arrogant nobleman with an abrasive personality and an annoyingly persistent streak.

And the duke of Collingham is persistent. He can have any woman in the whole of society – but the one who won't have him is the only one he wants. And he'll stop at nothing to persuade her.

The Westerby Sisters may be purchased from Amazon

Rating: A for narration; B- for content

Set in the late Georgian era, The Westerby Sisters is the sequel to The Westerby Inheritance. While there are references to the earlier story and the characters are related, it’s not necessary to have read or listened to The Westerby Inheritance before this, as the background is very clearly explained in the first chapter. The sisters in question are Hester and Betty Lovelace, who, although they are incredibly wealthy, are looked down upon by society because they are the daughters of a blacksmith whose mother married above her station when she took the Marquess of Westerby as her second husband. The ladies live contentedly at Eppington Chase with their six-year-old nephew Simon, the current marquess, and at the beginning of the book have decided to go to London for the Season.

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