Deadly Peril (Alec Halsey Mystery #3) by Lucinda Brant (audiobook) – Narrated by Alex Wyndham

Deadly Peril audio
This title is available to download from Audible via Amazon

Winter 1763. Alec, Lord Halsey, is sent on a diplomatic mission to Midanich, imperial outpost of the Holy Roman Empire, to bargain for the freedom of imprisoned friends. Midanich is a place of great danger and dark secrets – a country at civil war, ruled by a family with madness in its veins. For Alec it is a place of unspeakable memories from which he barely escaped and vowed never to return. But return he must if he is to save the lives of Emily St. Neots and Sir Cosmo Mahon.

In a race against time, Alec and the English delegation journey across the icy wasteland for the castle fortress where Emily and Cosmo are imprisoned. The severe weather is as much an enemy as the soldiers of the opposing armies encamped along the way. Awaiting him at his destination is the Margrave and his sister, demanding nothing less than Alec’s head on a pike.

Rating: A+ for narration; A- for content

Another stonking performance from Alex Wyndham in what I think is the best of this series yet – and that’s saying something considering how good the two previous books are.

As I’m not writing this review for publication elsewhere and I’m a bit pushed for time, I’m not going into great detail about the audiobook version of this title – you can find my five star review of the book is HERE.

But I can’t not mention one particular scene in the novel which I was most keen to hear. Those who have read and/or already listened to it will know that there is a lengthy, very important scene around the middle of the book in which Alec tells the truth about his past experiences in the Margravate of Midanich. Alex Wyndham nails it completely and absolutely, his performance true to Ms Brant’s words and to the character he has made so much his own, while also adding an extra dimension to Alec Halsey, the man.

Mr Wyndham’s technical ability continues to impress. He sustains a variety of different German accents throughout, differentiating between the sexes and between the numerous male characters seamlessly, and the characters we have met in the earlier books, such as gruff Uncle Plantagenet, Duchess Olivia, Alec’s valet, Jeffries and his love-interest, Selina, are all portrayed in a manner that is consistent in their portrayals in the earlier books.

Deadly Peril is another superb addition to the growing canon of audiobooks by this talented author/narrator team, and one I’m sure I’ll revisit in the not too distant future.



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