Sheik’s Mail Order Bride (Hot Arabian Nights #2) by Marguerite Kaye

sheikh's mail order bride

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Sailing to India to marry a stranger, Constance Montgomery is shipwrecked off the Arabian coast of Murimon. The world believes her lost at sea, and only the kingdom’s ruler, Kadar, knows the truth. She’s honour-bound to leave, but the brooding Prince tempts Constance to stay…

Kadar knows that no matter how beautiful Constance is she is forbidden. But every moment with her seduces him, until temptation becomes torment! Kadar thinks he has no heart left to offer any woman…can Constance prove him wrong?


Having loved the previous book in this series – The Widow and the Sheikh – I was eagerly looking forward to this second book in Ms. Kaye’s Hot Arabian Nights series, but while it contained many of the ingredients that I so enjoyed in the first book, this one doesn’t work quite so well.

The heroine is travelling to India in order to marry a man she has never met who is paying her father a large sum of money in exchange. Supposedly, her father will use the money to get out of debt, but Constance doubts he will – he’ll just make more dodgy investments and before long he and her mother will be back where they started. But Constance is a dutiful daughter and knows what is expected from her. But a violent storm during the journey wrecks the ship on which she is travelling and she ends seeking shelter in the Arabian kingdom of Murimon. She is taken to the capital and to the palace of Prince Kadar, who affords her a warm welcome and explains that she will have to remain in Murmion for at least a couple of months as there are no ships expected before then that will be able to carry her either back to England or on to India.

Kadar has been away from the kingdom for seven years, forced to return owing to the recent death of his brother. Along with his brother’s kingdom, Kadar has also inherited his brother’s bride, who, it seems is as reluctant to marry him as he to marry her. But tradition demands he fulfil his brother’s promise to wed her.

Of course, Kadar and Constance are attracted to each other, and as is always the case with this author, she really knows how to make the sparks fly and makes the most of the slightest looks and touches to turn up the heat between her central couple. Kadar is haunted by more than his brother’s marriage contracts, however, as Constance gradually uncovers the truth about the reasons he left Murimon. Like Azhar in the previous book, Kadar is torn between love and duty; unlike Azhar, Kadar has to solve his kingdom’s financial difficulties by marrying money, which makes his feelings for Constance even more impossible.

Maggie Boyd and I discussed the book in a joint, Pandora’s Box review for All About Romance. We both ended at more or less the same conclusion and rating.


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