The Dissolute Duke (Wellinghams #4) by Sophia James (audiobook) – Narrated by Carolyn Morris

the dissolute duke audio

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The Dissolute Duke has finally wed! With a name synonymous with sin and debauchery so shocking it is spoken of only in whispers, Taylen Ellesmere, Duke of Alderworth, is more surprised than anyone when he finds himself forced to marry! Before the ink is dry on the register, he turns his back on this sham of a marriage and leaves.

Three years later, having barely survived the scandal, Lady Lucinda has placed one delicately shod foot back in the hallowed halls of the ton when her husband returns. He has an offer she can’t refuse. And in exchange? Their wedding night!

Rating: Narration – A-; Content – C+

The Dissolute Duke is the fourth book in the author’sWellingham series, which was originally published between 2010 and 2013 and of which books two and three – One Unashamed Night and One Illicit Night – are available in audio, both with different narrators. It’s not necessary to have listened to or read the others in the series, as this works as a standalone – although it’s probably helpful to know that the heroes of the previous three books are the three older brothers of the heroine in this one.

Lucinda Wellingham has always been a bit of a hellion. Reckless and unconventional, her brothers have pulled her out of any number of scrapes in the past, but she continues to seek adventure by doing things no properly bred young lady should and her latest escapade has taken her to one of the infamous, debauched parties held by Taylen Ellesmere, Duke of Alderworth. (Before I go any further, I have to roll my eyes at the implausibility of an English duke in the early nineteenth century having such a ridiculous first name. People back then were fairly conservative when it came to names and it’s far more likely he’d have been George, William or Edward!)

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