Simply Magic (Simply Quartet #3) by Mary Balogh (audiobook) – Narrated by Rosalyn Landor


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On a splendid August afternoon, Susanna Osbourne is introduced to the most handsome man she has ever seen…and instantly feels the icy chill of recognition. Peter Edgeworth, Viscount Whitleaf, is utterly charming – and seemingly unaware that they have met before. With his knowing smile and seductive gaze, Peter acts the rake; but he stirs something in Susanna she has never felt before, a yearning that both frightens and dazzles her.

Instantly, she knows this brash nobleman poses a threat to her heart and to the secrets she guards so desperately.

From the moment they meet, Peter is drawn to Susanna’s independence, dazzled by her sharp wit; he simply must have her. But the more he pursues, the more Susanna withdraws – until a sensual game of thrust-and-parry culminates in a glorious afternoon of passion. Now more determined than ever to keep her by his side, Peter begins to suspect that a tragic history still haunts Susanna. And as he moves closer to the truth, Peter is certain of one thing: He will defy the mysteries of her past for a future with this exquisite creature. All Susanna must do is trust him with the most precious secret of all….

Rating: Narration – A; Content – A-

While I’ve enjoyed the previous two books in this series, Simply Magic is my favourite so far. It’s the story of Susanna Osbourne, another of the group of friends who are teachers at Miss Martin’s School for Girls in Bath, and Peter Edgeworth, Viscount Whitleaf, who met each other briefly – once – when they were children, but whose lives have taken them in very different directions since then.

While on a visit to Frances, Countess of Edgecombe (Simply Unforgettable), Susanna is introduced to Viscount Whitleaf and his name sends a chill of recognition through her. He, however, does not recognise Susanna from that long-ago summer afternoon when they met and played together, and she does not welcome his devastating smile and his flirtatious compliments. Her family and the viscount’s are linked by tragedy and she has no wish to become further acquainted with a man who seems to have been able to brush off the past so easily.

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