Love is a Stranger (More Heat Than the Sun #1) by John Wiltshire (audiobook) – Narrated by Gary Furlong

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Ex-SAS soldier Ben Rider falls in love with his enigmatic married boss Sir Nikolas Mikkelsen, but Nikolas is living a lie. A lie so profound that when the shadows are lifted, Ben realises he’s in love with a very dangerous stranger. Ben has to choose between Nikolas and safety, but sometimes danger comes in a very seductive package.

Rating: Narration: A; Content – B

John Wiltshire’s More Heat Than the Sun series is yet another of those that’s been on my radar for AGES and which I haven’t yet got around to reading. It consists of eight books (and I believe a ninth is in progress) featuring the same central couple, and the books follow them through a period of around a decade as they become caught up in all sorts of perilous adventures and other shenanigans while navigating their complicated relationship. Having read the synopses for all the books, it sounds a bit like a British version of the Cut and Run series – the plots are fast-paced and often bonkers, the characters are damaged and complex, the love story is epic and in the end, it’s all going to add up to many hours of supremely enjoyable hokum. That sort of thing is right up my alley, and when you add narration by Gary Furlong into the mix, it’s fair to say that my reaction, when offered this title for review, was “GIMME!!” (Although I was rather more polite than that!)

Former SAS officer Ben Rider now works for the sooper-sekrit Black Ops division of British Intelligence headed up by the enigmatic and urbane Sir Nikolas Mikkelsen, a Danish diplomat who is married to a minor royal. Right off the bat we discover that Ben and Nikolas have been fucking for four years on and off, and at first, this threw me a bit – it was like walking into the middle of a story. But stick with it – I quickly realised that while these two know each other physically, that’s pretty much ALL they know of each other. Love is a Stranger explores the development of the emotional side of their relationship and how it evolves as they come to really know each other.

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