Hazard and Somerset: Off Duty 3 (Hazard and Somerset: Arrows in the Hand)

off duty 3

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Life happens when you’re not looking. Unfortunately, so do a lot of other things.

Hazard and Somerset: Off Duty Volume 3 is a collection of short stories. It includes the following:

“If Your Friends Jumped Off a Bridge”

Hazard is going to get Evie the perfect toy for her birthday, no matter what. This story takes place before Relative Justice.

“Don’t Tell Your Dad”

Getting Colt settled isn’t exactly a smooth process, but you’ve got to break some eggs (or…something) to make an omelet. This story takes place before Custody Battles.

“Wait Till Your Father Gets Home”

Somers just wants to take a nap on his birthday. This story takes place before Domestic Animals.

“Responsible Adults”

Hazard and Somers chaperone a school dance. This story takes place before Father Complex.

“Under My Roof”

Hazard and Somers just want some alone time. Some adult alone time. This story takes place before Father Complex

“One Day You’ll Thank Me”

Hazard’s birthday scavenger hunt, redux. This story takes place before Final Orders.

“Hazard and Somerset: Off Duty 3”

Hazard and Somers take Colt to summer camp, and things go sideways. This story takes place after Final Orders.

Rating: A

The Off Duty books in Gregory Ashe’s Hazard and Somerset series comprise sets of short stories that are take place between the full-length books in the series and feature the guys during their downtime. It’s always a refresthing change to be able to spend time with Hazard and Somers when they’re not in life-or-death situatons, and I love that we get to see them in quieter moments of simple domesticity where their love for each other and the degree to which they get each other really shine through. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing, they’re always completely and utterly them, which goes to show just how much their creator understands them and cares about them. There’s always humour to be found in an H&S book, but in these shorts, the author lets his talent for comedy have full-rein whether it’s in the wonderful banter we’ve come to know and love, in the titles of the documentaries Hazard is fond of watching, or in the daft situations they often find themselves in.

In this collection… the guys find out just how difficult it can be to find some alone time with a teenager in the house… All John really wants for his birthday is a nap, but actually getting one proves impossible… and Emery Hazard chaperones the school dance like it’s 1899… I loved seeing Somers and Colt teaming up for Hazard’s birthday scavenger hunt, and in the new story in the collection – Off Duty 3 – Hazard and Somers take a very reluctant Colt to summer camp – only to end up stranded and battling a group of drug dealers, ably assisted by Theo and Auggie. (I’m SO excited for the continuation of their story in books 3&4 of the First Quarto serie. ) But, as usual, just when you think our guys are going to be able to take things easy for once… it looks like there’s a new face in town who’s going to complicate matters!

All these stories (bar the last one) were previously made available via the author’s newsletter but I always enjoy dipping in and out of the Off Duty stories once they’re collected together as well.

A must for all Hazard and Somerset fans.

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