2013 Reading Challenges – How did I do?

69899_girl-read_smI entered three reading challenges in 2013 – the yearly one at Goodreads, one over at Historical Tapestry and the Mount TBR one, also at Goodreads. I’m pleased to say I exceeded my number of target books at Goodreads. I initially set myself a target of 100, but when it became apparent I was going to pass that number by the summer, I increased the limit to 150. And then, around September (I think), when I was closing in on the 150, I upped the total again, to 175. As it stands now, I’ve passed that as well, and am closing the year on 186 books. I should point out however, that a fair number of those are audiobooks. If I’ve counted right, there are 57 audiobooks in with that 186, but the majority of those are of different titles to the books I’ve actually read, so I think most of them still count! You can see my 2013 challenge results here:

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Caz has completed her goal of reading 175 books in 2013!

I wasn’t so successful in the other Goodreads challenge I entered, namely the Mount TBR. That challenge is specifically designed to get you reading books you already own but haven’t got around to yet, and each year, you have to select the books from ones you owned PRIOR to that year, so in 2013, I had to read books I had bought before Jan 1st 2013. I undertook to read 36 books, but because of my reviewing commitments – I joined the reviewing teams for both All About Romance and AudioGals in 2013, I didn’t manage it. I did read and listen to 33 books, so didn’t fail too spectacularly, although I think I probably listened to more than I read for this challenge. I find it’s easier to stick on an audiobook while I’m doing something else – ironing, cooking etc. – and I have a fairly extensive collection. Each audio I listened to was of a book I also possessed in print or ebook format and had purchased before Jan 1st 2013.

Mount TBR Challenge 2013 (Goodreads)


Historical Fiction Reading Challenge 2013

I was very cautious when I selected a number of books to aim for in the reading challenge over at Historical Tapestry, because I imposed a sort of restriction on myself. Because I read historical novels almost exclusively, it would have been too easy to add in every single book I read.The challenge does say that as long as the book is a historical novel, any genre is acceptable, but I decided to include only books that included a good dollop of history along with the romance OR books in which the romance was only one element of the story. So, for instance, Stella Riley’s The Black Madonna was in, but a “wallpaper” historical romance like Maya Rodale’s The Wicked Wallflower didn’t make it. I know there were one or two times I forgot my self-imposed rule, but I think I kept to it for the most part. In any case, I signed up to post ten titles over the year, and I linked to 23, so I exceeded my expectation there, too. The books I entered there were:

When I was preparing my lists, I came across a couple of other titles that I could have included, but for some reason, left out –

As for 2014… I’ve already signed up to the multi-blog TBR challenge hosted by Wendy the Super Librarian, and will probably do a couple more. For anyone looking for a challenge for 2014, there’s an awesome list of ideas over at the AAR message boards.