Review Ratings

I’ve opted to use alphabetical ratings (A-F) rather than a “star” system because I prefer the extra leeway it allows.

F: Did Not Finish.
E: I didn’t enjoy the book
D: There were elements of the book that were promising, but the overall experience wasn’t a satisfying read
C: The book was generally good, although not great. I might recommend it, but with certain provisos.
B: I really liked the book and would certainly recommend it to others.
A: I thoroughly enjoyed this book. All the elements were excellent and I would probably re-read it. Highly recommended.
A+ I loved it and would put it on my “keeper” shelf.

Ratings for Sexual Content:

I’ve tried to give an accurate indication of the sexual content of each book I review, but I realise that what may be “explicit” to some could be “moderate” or “very explicit” to others. So here’s my system:

Mild – kisses, mention of sexual situations but the bedroom door is very firmly closed.

Moderate – two or three sexual situations in which there is some description of the act, but the terminology is predominantly ‘romantic’ rather than overtly sexual.

Explicit – several sex scenes, and mentions of sex and sexual feelings at various points in the text. Sexual acts are described using either anatomical terms or accepted euphemisms.

I don’t normally review Erotica, but if and when I do, it will be labelled as such.

My priority is to provide an honest review. I recognise that tastes differ, and that a book that doesn’t do it for me might be perceived differently by others. If I don’t like something, I will always do my best to say why in a courteous manner.

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