Reviews Policy

I am pleased to hear from authors, publishers and publicists about their books, but I am accepting very few of such titles for review due to the number of my regular reviewing commitments. Please note that I am based in the UK; I  read on my Kindle, but will accept and convert other formats.  I do not accept printed copies.

Please have a look around the blog to see what sorts of books I enjoy.

If I accept your book, I will do my best to review it as close to its publication date as possible; and although it is not possible to guarantee that I will enjoy your book, should that be the case, my review will be honest and I will do my best to explain why the book did not appeal to me.

While I will make every effort to finish every book I accept for review, please be aware that there have been a very small number of titles I simply could not finish. On those very rare occasions, I will present my reasons for not finishing and make it clear that it is a personal opinion.

I also post my reviews at Goodreads and (sometimes) at Amazon or Audible UK; most appear at All About Romance or at AudioGals – links to those reviews also appear here. I am also happy to help promote books by hosting blog tours, author interviews or book giveaways.

If you would like to include any portion of my review in your promotional material, please credit appropriately.

You can get in touch with me at

Please be assured that if you provide me with a review copy, I will not resell it or otherwise distribute it.

I confirm that I receive absolutely NO FINANCIAL COMPENSATION for my reviews, and that all comments are my own and are based solely on writing and content.

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