Breaking Cover (Life Lessons #2) by Kaje Harper (audiobook) – Narrated by J.F. Harding

breaking cover

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Sometimes one moment defines a man.

For homicide detective Mac, it’s been a good year. Having Tony to go home to makes him a better cop and a better person. For Tony, it’s been hard being in love with a man he can’t touch in public. Evasions and outright lying to friends and family take a little of the shine off his relationship with Mac, but Tony is determined to make it work.

As the Minneapolis Police Department moves into a hot, humid summer, Mac is faced with a different challenge. A killer has murdered two blond women, and the police have no real clues. Mac hates to think that another murder may be the only way they’ll make progress with the case. But when that murder happens, it hits close to home for Tony. And suddenly Mac faces an ultimatum: come out into the sunlight and stand beside Tony as his lover, or walk away and live without a piece of his heart.

Rating: Narration – A; Content – A

Kaje Harper’s Life Lessons series continues with Breaking Cover, a wonderful blend of romance and mystery that was so completely enthralling that I couldn’t stop listening to it. Everything works – the mystery is intriguing, the characters are relatable and beautifully drawn, the relationship development is deeply emotional, and J.F. Harding’s narration is perfection.

At the end of Life Lessons, teacher Tony Hart and widowed detective Jared MacLean (Mac) had decided they wanted to be together, even though Mac isn’t out and Tony doesn’t like the idea of spending the rest of his life in the closet. But he knows that if he wants to be with Mac, it’s going to have to be on Mac’s terms – at least for now. Breaking Cover takes place around a year since they met; Tony and Mac are still together, but the secrecy is starting to wear on Tony. He’s lost touch with his friends because he daren’t risk letting something slip, and the hiding – being a couple only behind closed doors and having to think about what he says all the time – is becoming more and more frustrating.

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Life Lessons (Life Lessons #1) by Kaje Harper (audiobook) – Narrated by J.F. Harding

life lessons

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Tony Hart loves teaching, even though he’s not much older than his high school students. Between his profession, a few good friends, and plenty of books, he’s content with his quiet life. Then, the murdered body of another teacher falls into the elevator at his feet, and Tony’s life becomes all too exciting.

Jared MacLean is a homicide detective, widowed father to a young daughter, and deeply in the closet. But, from the moment he meets Tony’s blue eyes in that high school hallway, Mac can’t help wanting this man in his life. Mac’s not out and can’t afford to be out, but Tony makes him want the impossible.

Mac isn’t the only one with his eyes on Tony, though. As the murderer tries to cover their tracks, Mac has to work fast or lose Tony, permanently.

Rating: Narration – A; Content – A-

Kaje Harper’s Life Lessons (first published in print in 2011) is the first in a series of four books that follows high school English teacher Tony Hart and widower and deeply closeted homicide detective Jared Maclean from their very first meeting as part of a murder investigation, through the ups and downs of their relationship to their eventual HEA in book four. I enjoyed the story, the characters, the burgeoning romance and the narration very much indeed (it’s J.F. Harding – duh!) and am very much looking forward to listening to the other books in the series when they’re released.

It’s Friday night and Tony Hart is working late, pretty much the only teacher still in the building at Rooseman High. He’s on his way out when he realises he’s left something up in his third-floor classroom; tired and limping because of a sprained ankle, he decides to take the creaky elevator rather than the stairs. When the doors open at his floor, a man stumbles backward into the car, pushing Tony against the wall. Annoyed, Tony pushes back, wondering if the man – a fellow teacher – is drunk – but then he sees the knife sticking out of his chest. Momentarily paralysed with shock, Tony realises that the pounding he can hear isn’t just the beating of his heart – it’s the sound of someone running away. He hears the door at the end of the hallway swing shut, but by the time he sticks his head out the elevator door, whoever it was is gone.

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