Owl’s Slumber (Trials of Fear #1) by Nicky James (audiobook) – Narrated by Adam Gold

owl's slumber

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Imagine what life would be like if panic ruled your world at the mere thought of going to bed at night. For as long as he can remember, Finnley Hollins has been crippled by his extreme phobia of sleep. Every night is a battle, and every morning isn’t without consequences. The root cause is something he’s ashamed to admit to anyone. It’s his war, and he will fight it alone.

When an unexpected turn of events lands the stunningly gorgeous Aven Woods at Finnley’s place of business, his life gets turned upside down.

All it would take is one night together for his secret to be exposed. Finnley wasn’t prepared to fall in love. More so, he wasn’t prepared for his phobia to completely consume his life. Not only is it affecting his job and his relationship, but now it’s affecting his health. What will it take for Finnley to finally admit he needs help?

Rating: Narration – A; Content – B+

A few months ago, I reviewed Cravings of the Heart, book six in Nicky James’ Trials of Fear series, and enjoyed both the story and the excellent narration by Adam Gold. As each book in the series works as a standalone (apart from the final one), they can be listened to in any order, and as I already had a couple of the others in my Audible library, I decided to skip back to the beginning and listen to Owl’s Slumber.

Each story features a protagonist with a very unusual phobia and explores the ways in which that phobia impacts on his life, usually in an extremely negative – and often dangerous – way, and how they find love with someone who offers the kind of loving support they’ve never had before. I’m no expert on phobias of any kind (unless you count having them about moths and spiders!) but it seems to me that Ms. James approaches them in a sympathetic yet realistic way, not shying away from the very real damage the characters are incurring while also presenting them as real people who are badly misunderstood and desperately need to be properly seen if they’re to stand a chance of being able to manage their fears.

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Cravings of the Heart (Trials of Fear #6) by Nicky James (audiobook) – Narrated by Adam Gold

cravings of the heart

This title may be downloaded from Audible via Amazon

A relationship with his brother’s best friend had only ever been a dream.

A chance reunion with his brother’s childhood best friend leaves Arden hungry for attention. He’s always loved Iggy, despite their vast age difference, but he didn’t know Iggy was gay until now. His family wouldn’t approve. His brother wouldn’t approve. Plus, Arden isn’t in a position to have a relationship.

Arden’s phobia is slowly killing him and consuming his life, and he doesn’t see a way out. He’s desperate to break free, but every day is a losing battle. It would be an impossible thing to hide, and when Iggy finds out the truth, could he love him the same, or will he decide Arden is too much to handle?

Rating: Narration – A; Content – B+

Each of the books in Nicky James’ Trials of Fear series features a protagonist living with an unusual phobia. Cravings of the Heart – an angsty, hurt/comfort story featuring an age-gap/brother’s bestie romance – is book six in the series but can be listened to as a standalone, and the narration by Adam Gold is outstanding – I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to listen to him!

When twenty-year-old Arden McMillan has a dizzy spell during the day at college, the paramedic who arrives to check him over and take him to hospital is Ignatius – Iggy – Rojas, the man on whom Arden had a massive crush as a kid. Iggy is also Arden’s oldest brother Phoenix’s best friend, although – as Arden believes – they haven’t seen each other for years. He’s surprised to learn that Iggy and Phoenix are still in touch – just that Iggy doesn’t come to the house any more. That’s odd – Phoenix never mentions Iggy – and it’s only when Arden learns that Iggy is gay that he realises the truth, that his ultra-religious parents don’t approve and that Phoenix has probably hidden the fact that they’re still friends. Finding out Iggy is gay is the best news Arden has had in ages though; he’s as attracted to him as he ever was and decides to find out if there could be anything more between them.

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