Survival Instinct (Cerberus Tactical K9 series #1) by Fiona Quinn (audiobook) – Narrated by James Cavenaugh

survival instinct

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Military training won’t help when the enemy is a force of nature….
All Major Dani Addams wanted when she started up that trail was to mourn and honor her fallen friend. She has no way of knowing the weather is about to turn on her in the worst possible way – or that she’s about to meet a man who will change her entire life.

Ex-SEAL Trip Williams and his K9 Valor were brought in to rescue a film crew that got caught in the storm. He isn’t expecting Dani. But once he finds her, he will keep her safe…even if he has to disobey direct orders and fight Mother Nature herself.
All Dani and Trip have to do to get to happily ever after is weather the storm. Should be simple, right? If only….

Rating: Narration – C+; Content – D

In one of our recent Currently Playing chats behind the scenes at AudioGals, I mentioned that I’d just listened to Fiona Quinn’s Survival Instinct and what a disappointment it was. Kaetrin responded that she’d listened to it as well and had enjoyed it – and as life would be very boring if we all liked the same things, I suggested we expand my initial review to include her thoughts and comments, as her views might resonate with some listeners and mine with others. So here’s our first ever joint review!

Caz: I’m sorry if I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but Fiona Quinn’s Survival Instinct – book one in her Cerberus Tactical K9 series – turned out to be yet another in a sadly long line of romantic suspense stories that are neither romantic nor suspenseful. I’ve listened to and enjoyed a few books by this author, but basing my decision to pick this one upon past listens was a bad one in this instance, because after a strong start, it went rapidly downhill and never recovered.

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Better Than People (Garnet Run #1) by Roan Parrish (audiobook) – Narrated by James Cavenaugh

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It’s not long before their pet-centric arrangement sparks a person-centric desire…

Simon Burke has always preferred animals to people. When the countdown to adopting his own dog is unexpectedly put on hold, Simon turns to the PetShare app to find the fluffy TLC he’s been missing. Meeting a grumpy children’s book illustrator who needs a dog walker isn’t easy for the man whose persistent anxiety has colored his whole life, but Jack Matheson’s menagerie is just what Simon needs.

Four dogs, three cats and counting. Jack’s pack of rescue pets is the only company he needs. But when a bad fall leaves him with a broken leg, Jack is forced to admit he needs help. That the help comes in the form of the most beautiful man he’s ever seen is a complicated, glorious surprise.

Being with Jack—talking, waking, making out—is a game changer for Simon. And Simon’s company certainly…eases the pain of recovery for Jack. But making a real relationship work once Jack’s cast comes off will mean compromise, understanding and lots of love.

Rating: Narration – B+; Content: B

Roan Parrish’s Better than People is a sweet, tender and steamy character-driven romance that is rather less angsty than other books of hers I’ve read and listened to, but is no less enjoyable for that. It’s a lovely, romantic hurt/comfort story featuring two guys who bond over their love of animals and gradually start to build a deep and genuine friendship that turns into something more.

Jack Matheson is a successful illustrator of children’s books, but when his friend and collaborator shafted him by presenting their publisher with Jack’s ideas as his own, Jack – quite understandably – felt terribly betrayed and hurt. Since that happened about eight months earlier, Jack hasn’t drawn a thing; worried that perhaps he won’t ever draw again, he’s holed himself up in his cabin in Wyoming with his ‘pack’ of rescue dogs and cats, cut himself off from his brother (his only family) and drifts from day to day rather aimlessly.

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The Hideaway Inn (Seasons of New Hope #1) by Patrick William Stover (audiobook) – Narrated by James Cavenaugh

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No one in the charming river town of New Hope, Pennsylvania, needs to know that Vince Amato plans on flipping The Hideaway Inn to the highest bidder and returning to his luxury lifestyle in New York City. He needs to make his last remaining investment turn a profit…even if that means temporarily relocating to the quirky small town where he endured growing up. He’s spent years reinventing himself and won’t let his past dictate his future.

But on his way to New Hope, Vince gets stuck in the middle of nowhere and his past might be the only thing that can get him to his future. Specifically Tack O’Leary, the gorgeous, easygoing farm boy who broke his heart and who picks Vince up in his dilapidated truck.

Tack comes to the rescue not only with a ride but also by signing on to be the chef at The Hideaway for the summer. As Vince and Tack open their hearts to each other again, Vince learns that being true to himself doesn’t mean shutting down a second chance with Tack—it means starting over and letting love in.

Rating: Narration – B; Content – C

The Hideaway Inn is one of the first titles published in the new Carina Adores imprint from Carina Press, which they’ve introduced as a trope-driven LGBTQ+ contemporary romance line. They’re publishing one title per month and each will be available in audio as well as in print, and I’m definitely planning on picking up more of them over time. The Hideaway Inn is a small-town, enemies-to-lovers/second chance love story, and while both author and narrator are new-to-me, I liked the sound of the story and the Audible samples I listened to of Mr. Cavanaugh’s work on other titles sounded more than decent, so I decided to give it a go.

When Vince Amato loses his job in spectacular fashion (he’s caught fucking one of his firm’s biggest investors), he returns to the hometown to which he never planned to return in order to pursue a business opportunity. He sells practically everything of value he owns and purchases the dilapidated Hideaway Inn in the small Pennsylvania town of New Hope with the intention of fixing it up and then selling it to hospitality chain Fun Tyme Inc. at a massive profit. Besides making him a lot of money, he’s fairly sure that once Fun Tyme sees what he can do, he’ll land a job there, too.

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