His Wicked Charm (Mad Morelands #6) by Candace Camp (audiobook) – Narrated by Will Thorne

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She’s too prim.

Lilah Holcutt dislikes Constantine Moreland from the moment she meets him. He may be handsome, but he’s frivolous, rash, impulsive and, worst of all, a flirt. Now that Con’s twin brother has married Lilah’s best friend, she’s seeing way more of Con than she’d like. And when Con’s sisters are inexplicably kidnapped, Lilah’s own curiosity and stubbornness get the better of her, and she finds herself swept into Con’s investigation.

He’s indifferent to propriety.

Con knows that Lilah hates him — he just wishes she weren’t so devastatingly beautiful, that he weren’t so attracted to her. Especially since they’re working closely together to solve the kidnapping, an adventure that leads them to Lilah’s peculiar childhood home, Barrow House, which sits atop an ancient fen and features an eerie maze on its grounds.

They’ll have to join together to conquer a sinister force.

The more Con and Lilah uncover, the more they’re convinced that the answers lie buried deep within Barrow House — answers to a mystery darker than either of them could ever have realized.

Rating: Narration – A : Content – B-

This is the sixth book in Candace Camp’s Mad Morelands series, which originally comprised four books, but which has been expanded to include stories for the two youngest Moreland siblings, twins Alex and Con. His Wicked Charm opens not long after His Sinful Touch ended; I wasn’t overly impressed with the storyline of that book (my content grade was C+) which I found clichéd and somewhat clumsily executed. His Wicked Charm is an improvement, mostly due to the fact that Con is a more engaging character than Alex – Con is lively and funny where Alex was quite dour – but even so, the story meanders and lacks focus, and the paranormal elements are rather corny and melodramatic.

Constantine Moreland and Lilah Holcutt disliked each other from the moment they met. She thinks he’s too impulsive and not serious enough, and he thinks she’s too proper and bound by convention, but now Con’s brother has married Lilah’s best friend, they have to play nice. Needless to say, they are rarely successful; Con delights in needling Lilah by flirting with her outrageously, and most of their interactions end up as arguments. So, it amazes both of them to find that when the situation calls for it, they can actually set those differences aside and work together to achieve a desired outcome – in this case the rescue of Con’s mother and sisters, who are abducted off the street during a demonstration in support of female emancipation. Lilah insists on accompanying Con when he sets off in pursuit, but it turns out that the ladies are on the verge of rescuing themselves when the couple arrives (as detailed in the short story included at the end of the audiobook, Their Unexpected Adventure), but they still have to work out who kidnapped them and why.

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His Sinful Touch (Mad Morlands #5) by Candace Camp (audiobook) – Narrated by Will Thorne

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A lost identity. A dangerous mystery. And a deep love that can conquer it all.

When a mysterious gentleman arrives on his doorstep, Alexander Moreland is astonished to discover that the stranger is not a gentleman at all but a beautiful young woman disguised as a man and in great need of assistance. The woman remembers nothing except her own name, Sabrina, and has only the contents of her pockets as clues to her identity: a handkerchief, a pocket watch, a leather pouch, a torn scrap of paper, and a gold ring.

Sabrina is certain that she is on the run from someone or something – how else to explain the bruises on her face and the pervasive sense of dread she feels? She’s also certain that she trusts Alex to help her, and she can’t deny the sparks that fly between them. As they race through the English countryside, Sabrina and Alex must solve the mystery of Sabrina’s past – before whatever she’s running from catches up to them.

Rating: Narration – A: Content – C+

His Sinful Touch is book five in Candace Camp’s Mad Morelands series, which initially comprised four books (published between 2003 and 2005) featuring a set of unusual and unconventional siblings, all children of the Duke and Duchess of Broughton. The author has returned to the family after a long break to bring us the stories of the two youngest siblings, twins Alex and Con; this is Alex’s book and the next (His Wicked Charm, due for publication in March 2018) is Con’s. The twins appeared as secondary characters in some of the earlier books as young boys; I confess I haven’t read any of them – I gleaned all this from the information given in this story – and now, aged twenty-five, they are set to get their own happy endings.

Alex Moreland has dropped by the office of the investigative agency operated by his twin to discover that Con is just about to depart London for Cornwall to pursue a lead in his latest case. After exchanging goodbyes, Alex is on his way out when he sees a young man approaching along the corridor – but immediately senses something is ‘off’. The ill-fitting clothes, the odd gait and Alex’s psychically heightened intuition (like other family members, he has supernatural gifts) tell Alex that ‘he’ is a ‘she’ and that something traumatic has happened to her.

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