The Doctor (Magic & Steam #3) by C.S. Poe (audiobook) – Narrated by Declan Winters

The Doctor

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1882—Gillian Hamilton, magic caster and Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Magic and Steam, has been stripped of his title, badge, and freedom. Gillian’s true name and powers have been exposed, so now he’s kept under lock and key. To make a tragedy worse, Gunner the Deadly has returned to his life out in the Wild West and has not been heard from since.

Rumors of a doctor, known only as Sawbones, with access to illegal magic have persisted into the new year. Gillian believes that violence, chaos, and certain death will befall New York City if this criminal isn’t apprehended. And despite having lost his sense of purpose, Gillian knows he’s the only one capable of confronting this new madman—with or without the backing of the FBMS.

But such dangers should never be undertaken alone. Gillian will need both Gunner’s deadeye marksmanship, as well as his love, if he’s to detain Sawbones before irreparable damage is done to the magic of his world.

Rating: Narration – A-; Content – A

C.S Poe’s steampunk Magic & Steam series gets better and better with each instalment, delivering a cracking blend of romance, humour, high-stakes action and nail-biting tension as our two heroes – quiet, self-contained lawman Gillian Hamilton and sexy outlaw Gunner the Deadly – battle mad scientists, mechanical men and dangerous gangsters in a steampunk version of New York in the 1880s.

Note: There are spoilers for the previous books in the series this review.

The author dropped a massive bombshell at the end of The Gangster when the past Gillian has worked so long and hard to hide finally caught up with him and he was revealed to be Simon Fitzgerald, a wanted war criminal known as the Butcher of Antietam on account of the atrocities he was forced to commit during the Great Conflict when he was a ten-year-old boy. Just before he was taken into custody by agents of the Federal Bureau of Magic and Steam, a desperate Gillian urged Gunner to leave him to his fate – and when the book opens, Gillian has been spent almost two months incarcerated in the Home for the Magically Insane on Blackwell’s Island.

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